Good lord, I haven’t written in this blog in over a year.

I started this blog as a way to document my move to the States, to talk a bit about the culture shock, and the differences between American and Australian culture (which are, I have realized, both not that great, and pretty fucking great, simultaneously). However, graduate school and life got in the way. And now here the blog is, absorbed into my main website, sitting here doing very little. It will probably become a space for my ramblings about all sorts of things, as and when I get to it.

Currently, I just wanted to update and say that myself, and a few of the most badass ladies I know, have started a literary magazine: Quaint. We launched the site a few days ago and have had an overwhelmingly positive response. We’ve had the good fortune to be retweeted and pimped by the likes of Neil Gaiman, The Boston Review, The Rumpus, and a bunch more excellent people.

Quaint exists as a kind of “fuck you” to the systematized misogyny that is inherent in the world of literature. One need only look to the VIDA statistics to see how chronically underrepresented women, particularly women of color, transwomen, ( and really anyone who isn’t a straight, white, middle class lady – although it’s damn hard for them, too) are in the literary arts. Particularly in where, when, and how frequently they are published, but also how often they are nominated for or win prizes, their ability to compete for and get tenured teaching positions, and/or their ability to get jobs within the publishing industry.

Sometimes, to create sense of equality overall, it is necessary to temporarily unbalance the scales in one small way. Thus, Quaint accepts submissions ONLY from female identified persons. Does that mean we hate men? Hell no. I love men. Men are swell. But there are plenty of other places men can submit their writing, and indeed, the majority of markets (if we’re being generous, perhaps without meaning to) publish primarily dudes. So: Quaint. We’re certainly not the first to do this (there’s Calyx, Bone Bouquet, and Room Magazine, to name but a few) but we figure there’s no harm entering the arena, so to speak. Quaint seeks to publish work that is transgressive, disturbing, left-of-center: not the stuff you’d give your Grandmother to read (unless your Grandmother is a in a secret motorcycle gang, works part-time as a call girl, and keeps a shot gun under her pillow with the words “Meemaw” bedazzled on its holster). It needn’t be feminist focused, although we don’t object to that, either. So please, if you’ve got some work you’d like to send us, do! We’d love to read it.

A’int much else to say about me, for right now. I’m halfway through my degree at this stage, which is a scary thing, in many ways (because I feel like I still have so much to learn, and to be honest, I am simply not ready to go home in a year and a half!) but I’ll speak more about the MFA, and UNO, and the crazy wonderful adventure of the last twelve months in later entries.

Peace out, kiddos. It’s been a hell of a ride so far!

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  1. David Garvey
    Mar 18, 2015

    Dear Kia,

    I recently read your poem House Beats, in Creatrix. There was a profound and brilliant sense of darkness within the images you write.

    We at Amygdala would be honored if you would be willing to submit some of your writing for consideration to https://amygdalalitmag.wordpress.com/.

    While we would prefer to have new work, you may send us previously published work. We look forward to your response.


    David Garvey
    Co-editor of Amygdala

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