Kia was born in Oxford, England.  Her mother drove several miles further, whilst in labor, to ensure she was born in Oxford rather than the less prestitigous Swindon, (though being born in Swindon worked out fine for Billie Piper).

As a child, Kia was quite insistent about the existence of the supernatural.  She was also prone to excessive daydreaming and extreme gullibility, evidenced by her penchant for sitting in wardrobes trying to get to Narnia.

Kia moved to Perth, Western Australia when she was ten, and spent her sixteen subsequent years in the city plotting her escape. In 2012, she moved to New Orleans, Louisiana to undertake an MFA in poetry at the University of New Orleans, where she acts as associate poetry editor for the university’s literary journal, Bayou. In October of 2013, she founded Quaint Magazine, a journal that publishes works of literature and art by female-identified people.

In her spare time, Kia enjoys sleeping, dreaming, wandering about the suburbs in the middle of the night and writing.  She shares her bed with three cats, an occultist, and a rotating roster of books. She enjoys horror films, gothic literature, the feminine grotesque and arguing with people on Facebook.

She is still trying to get through the back of the wardrobe.

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