Poetry from the Basement

I just started a poetry blog, to help motivate me to write new things while I’m grappling the thesis-monster. If you’re into that kinda thing, you can find it here: bonesandbasements.tumblr.com  

Readings, Readings, Readings

Hi gang, Just a small update to let everyone know I’ll be doing two readings in the near-ish future. Next Saturday, March 22nd, I’ll be reading at Cafe Istanbul for Mad Zineious Wordz and Muzic, featuring The Shiz and Jonathan Brown. I’ll be reading a poem inspired by The Talking Heads, so basically, you should probably come and see me stutter my way through a poem about serial killers and dead bodies. Starts at six, ends at ten, you can probably drink all the beer forever, so really, why not? The next weekend, I’ll be joining some other staff members from Quaint Magazine as well as some of the lovely ladies from Belle Journal at the GCACWT Conference in Fairhope, Alabama. At 10am on Friday the 28th you can come see our panel on women in...

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