Poetry from the Basement

I just started a poetry blog, to help motivate me to write new things while I’m grappling the thesis-monster. If you’re into that kinda thing, you can find it here: bonesandbasements.tumblr.com  

A non-verbal semi-retraction, sort of

I have a friend called Christian who prefaces many of his sentences with “Here’s the thing”.  Not knowing how else to preface this, I shall take a leaf out of his book (his book, by the way, is a brown leather bound affair on which he has crossed out the embossed “Journal” and instead written “SORCERY!” – so I know his book is legit). Here’s the thing… Writing non-fiction, or semi-non-fiction, or creative non-fiction, and sometimes even fictional fiction, tends to offend people.  Writing a blog about your life in which you mention the details of your most recent relationship (or non-relationship, as the case may be) is also guarenteed to offend someone (namely the most recent ex-not-boyfriend). Writing...

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